Indian PVC Pipes Market Forcast till 2030

Indian PVC Pipes Market Forcast till 2030

The PVC Pipes market is expected to grow at a positive double-digit during FY’2019 – FY’2030. An increase in the level of implementation of favorable government schemes in the end-user application sectors will be the major contributor to this growth. Increasing demand for housing as population and personal disposable incomes increase will also drive the growth in the ground handling services market in India.

The market has also been segmented by end-user applications into irrigation, sewerage, water supply, and plumbing and borewell application. Of these, irrigation had the highest revenue share because PVC pipes and fittings are used widely in irrigation systems installed in farms and fields all over the country.

Market Analysis

The market is fragmented with a large number of players competing in the market. Supreme Industries Limited is the leading player in terms of revenue in the organized India PVC pipes and fittings market. Finolex Industries Limited   is the second largest company followed by Ashirvad Pipes Private Limited and Astral Poly Technik Limited

  • As Finolex Industries Ltd Market trending Player in the market I would like to show the production official Volume Data : Source:

Here we can see from the chart in the company production of PVC pipes & fittings

  • In 2017 Q4FY17 it was 57,071 Vol
  • In 2019 between 2 years difference Q4FY19 it was 67,814 Vol
  • Upcoming Year Pre-production for 2020 is 88,297 Vol

The Sales of Product between Q2FY17 – Q1FY20 is 39,902 – 78,512 exactly sales growth is by 50.8% [2017-2020]

  • But in 2018 as the Indian Market was on a use fall due Political and economic factor
    • So here we can see that the Q2FY18 the company
    • Sales Vol: 40,539 falls from 74,998(Q1FY18) and again market rises to 71,107 (Q3FY18)

Region Analysis


  • Key Points on basis present scenario
  • According to information India’s PVC Market size was valued at $3,195 Million in 2016 expected the market growth in 2023 by $6,224 Million
  • PVC is 3rd largest Plastic Commodity Polyethylene & Polypropylene.

Area of PVC in Demand                                                                                  

Source:     (.) Before Demand / (.) After Demand

  • Supreme Industries Limited Stock Price Rs86.36/-(2010) and Today Market Value in Rs1,150(2019)

Cost unit value 2010: 86.36

Selling unit value 2019: 1150.00

Profit per unit: 1063.64

Mark up percentage per unit: 1331.64%

  • Finolex Industries Limited Stock Price Rs56.90/-(2010) and Today Market Value in Rs591/-(2019)

Cost unit value 2010: 56.90

Selling unit value 2019: 591.00

Profit per unit: 534.10]

Mark up percentage per unit: 1038.66%

  • Astral Poly Technik Limited Stock Price Rs13.90/-(2010) and Today Market Value in Rs1,103/-(2019)

Cost unit value 2010: 13.90

Selling unit value 2019: 1103.00

Profit per unit: 1089.10

Mark up percentage per unit: 7935.25%


Hence today’s present competitors are Finolex Industries Limited, Ashirvad Pipes Private Limited, Supreme Industries Limited, and Astral Poly Technik Limited. And looking at the present scenario future demand is huge. And by the next decay, the growth is there.

Tip: Tip Company should focus on R&Ds to compete better for the future as very new companies are also upcoming and expected to compete

Credits :

Content: Siddharth Das

Graphics: Pradatta Nigamanshu

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