Part-time jobs for students in India

Part-time jobs for students in India

There are numerous options available for part-time jobs for students in India, through which they can earn while learning and hence can develop their skills in real – time.

“Culture varies with region and time.” This is one of the most practical things that we observe in real life. Similarly, work culture also varies with region. A considerable number of European countries and American countries have a work culture for students in their teens. Students tend to do part-time jobs and earn a portion of their total expenditure.

Students, who are still teenagers, choose any of the many options of part-time jobs available in the market, such as:
• Part-time cab driver
• Part-time baby sitter
• Part time gardener
• Part-time delivery boy/ girl
• Home tutor
• Students studying in a particular high school or university can also get the work of an Assistant Professor or Lab attendant or a cleaner in that university itself.
• Part-time store maintainer.

Part-time work culture has dual benefits. Students, on the one hand, earn a portion of their total expenditure which builds up confidence within themselves and service providers, on the other hand, do not have to spend a lot on professionals as the work is being done by a non-professional teenager.
This culture also lessens the financial burden of middle-class parents to some extent, if not totally.

This article sheds light on the undiscovered opportunities for part-time jobs for student in India for every student. Few of the part-time jobs available in India are as follows:

Data entry jobs: Data entry job is somewhat similar to that of a typist. Data has to be fed from documents into a computer system database. You can earn thousands per month if you have a considerable typing speed.

Graphics Designing: The picture that you can see at the top of this article is an example of graphic designing. Creativity and certain skills can fetch you a job which is high in demand in this digital era.

Content Writer: The article that you are reading has been written by a content writer. You can select a topic of your own interest, contact a particular website or blogger that produces articles on that topic or a related topic and start writing. If your content has a good reach, you can earn 500 to 800 bucks per content.

Web Developer: Students having interest in web development or designing can take it up as a part-time job. It can fetch you thousands per project. Besides, you can do it from your home itself.

Home Tutor: Why not refresh what you have previously learned and impart the same knowledge to younger ones? If you are good at teaching, then you can earn a handsome amount per month as the private coaching classes in India cost LOADS!

Blogger: A blogger is one who writes blog posts on different topics of a particular genre. Through this, he can earn much when his blog site starts getting advertisements out of popularity.

Online Surveys: You need to survey on a particular topic. A survey could take a few days or weeks and a record (be it graphical or otherwise) based on it has to be generated. This job is pretty much in demand as the companies use surveys to expand the reach of their businesses.

Freelancer: Essentially, a freelance job is one who was an individual, instead of working for a company, works for himself. While freelancers do take on contract work for companies and organizations, they are ultimately self-employed.

Mobile App Developer: Lots of businesses spring up every day that initially do not have the budget of hiring a mobile app developer. If you have the skill of app development, step into this field. Even if you don’t have, this skill wouldn’t take years to acquire. Just a few months and there you go.

Call Centres: Every company has a call centre to solve the problems of their customers over the phone.

Amazon Handmade: Amazing crafter? Develop innovative things and sell them on Amazon Handmade and earn through it. A very much undiscovered topic but a much productive one.

eBay: You can sell your not-in-use products on A waste to you can be gold to someone else.

Do an advertisement: Advertisement is not just limited to setting up hoardings and distributing pamphlets. If you have a decent reach on social media, you can earn loads!

Become a YouTuber: Previously, there was a hindrance of the high price of tariff plans, but this obstacle has been overcome. If you have good knowledge in a particular field or you are content creator, share it with others through YouTube. You can earn lots via YouTube. This field, in particular, takes time to generate income but when it does, you better make sure you have an accountant to manage.

Audio Podcast: Get your voice on the web. Select a specific topic for your podcast, devote yourself to making the best podcast possible, develop a unique selling proposition (USP) for potential advertisers and make money with it.

If you don’t have any of the skills above, doesn’t matter. Go online and acquire skills. There are various options available. Not just are there benefits limited only to monetary problems, but it also helps students in understanding the dignity of hard work, the value of money and time management.

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Content: Hritul Agarwal

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Editor: Prachi Prafull

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